Ready to go:  Gutek ready to challenge North Atlantic record

Ready to go: Gutek ready to challenge North Atlantic record

Zbigniew “Gutek” Gutkowski, the first Pole to take part in solo Velux 5 Oceans round the world race and more recently prestigious Vendée Globe, has taken on another tough challenge. This time, he will sail 2,880Nm aiming to beat Alex Thomson’s solo North Atlantic record of 8 days, 21 hours and 8 minutes….

ENERGA uderway from Miami to New York / Fot. Izabela Tryzno


The route form America to England – from Ambrose Light Tower lighthouse in New York City to the line that links Lizard cape in Cornwall (UK) with French island of Quessant (Ushant) near the coast of Bretagne, is not easy. New York – Lizard record is regarded as one of the toughest sailing ventures. Taking it solo is a real test for every ambitious ocean racer.

Zbigniew Gutkowski and his boat capt Maciej Marczewski, finished the final preparations of the Energa yacht for the sprint across the Atlantic. ENERGA has undergone thorough check, the “black box” of the WSSRC (World Sailing Speed Record Council) has been installed and the boat is ready to go.

Zbigniew Gutkowski in New York onboard Energa. / Fot. M. Marczewski

Waiting in Liberty Harbor Marina, Gutek and his shore team is watching the weather.

“Each forecast that goes beyond the next 36 hours is pure guesswork” he says. “We need weather conditions which would allow to cross the entire Atlantic. It’s not that obvious, however, because the difficulty of this route is about that sometimes a seemingly fine low goes away when you’re mid-way and you can virtually halt. Now I’m ready to go and all I need is a good weather system” – adds Gutek.

North Atlantic record in solo Open 60 monohull category belongs to Britain’s Alex Thomson, who last year set a time of 8 days, 21 hours and 8 minutes and dwarfed the previous achievement of Switzerland’s Bernard Stamm (2002), who made it in 10 days, 55 minutes and 19 seconds.

fot. Google Maps. A: New York, B: Lizard Point, C: Ushant /Quessant

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